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Resume Distribution FAQ for Job Seekers
Frequently Asked Questions


1. Do I need to pay anything for the Resume Distribution Service?

No. There are no hidden charges. We're providing this service free of charge to all job seekers.

2. Are you a job agency?

No. Our company L&C IT Consultants founded JobCyclone in 2001. We developed JobCyclone as our web portfolio and an application for the interaction of employers, job agencies and job seekers. Our mission is to provide our IT expertise to ease the candidate and job seeking process. Hence, we do not participate in the employment process in any way.

3. Can I send my resume to your email address?

We do not encourage job seekers to send their resumes directly to us through email. This is because there are thousands of emails coming in to our mailbox daily and usually we need to take some time to filter them out. We usually do not entertain job seekers who send their resumes to our email. Please submit your resume online at

or apply for our job alerts without submitting your resume at,

or better still, apply directly for your preferred jobs at

If you do not wish to go through the hassle to submit your resume, you can sign up for our job alerts by just entering your email address at

4. What happens after I submit my resume?

Once your resume has been entered into our database, we will email you job alerts according to the job categories that you have chosen when submitting your resume.

You can apply directly for the jobs from the email job alerts that we send without the necessity to login.

After you apply for the jobs, your resume will be posted to the employer's database for their viewing and selection.

5. Can I edit my resume?

Sure! You can login to edit your resume at provided you remember your login and password.

If you have forgotten your login and/or password, you can retrieve it at As your login is your email address, you can check out your password in no time at If you have forgotten which email address you used, just include your full name and we can check it out for you.

6. I've found a job and do not want to receive any job alerts. Can I unsubscribe or delete my resume from your database?

Absolutely! You can login to edit your resume at

There's a "status" paragraph once you login. When you set the "status" to unavailable, you will not receive any more job alerts and no employers will be able to view your resume.

Your resume will still retain in our database in case you wish to find more job opportunities in future, you can set the "status" to available again.

7. Can I be informed first before you show my resume to the employers?

We take pride in honoring our job seeker's privacy, hence we do not show your resumes by default unless you opted to. Employers can only view your resumes when you apply for their jobs, either through the job alert emails or at

Hence, rest assured that your resume is safe in our hands. Employers can only view your resume when you want them to.

8. How do I retrieve my login and/or password if I have forgotten?

If you have forgotten your login and/or password, you can retrieve it easily at As your login is your email address, we can check out your password in no time. If you have forgotten which email address you used, just include your full name and we can check it out for you. (Note: Your Login is the email address you used to sign up)

9. Why are there no company names for some of the jobs offered?

We have to honor the privacy of our employers in the case that they do not want to reveal their company names.

10. Are the employers, job agencies or companies?

We've got a mixture of clients, both job agencies and companies.

11. I'm a foreigner looking for job opportunities in Singapore. Can I submit my resume to you?

As our web portal is based locally in Singapore, most of our jobs will be based here and require applicants to be Singaporeans or Singapore permanent residents. We however do have some employers seeking foreigners. You can keep a look out for them at and apply for these jobs.

12. Why do I need to fill in so many fields during the submission of my resume?

We specially designed a comprehensive template for the convenience of those job seekers who have forgotten the resume format. This template will provide some of the most important information to the employers in their process of choosing the right candidates.

Hence, we will advise that you can fill up as many fields and in as much details as possible because the information you provide in the form will most likely be what the employers are looking for.

13. How do I increase my chances of getting an interview from all the jobs I have applied?

Firstly, we would advise you to check your resume at Take great pains to edit it as this is the main route to get the attention of potential employers, amongst all the competition. Check out some resume writing tips at our resource centre. We can also help you out by introducing resume writing experts to you. Just drop us a line using the form below and we'll be there to help you.

Secondly, if you're a foreigner and do not have a Singapore PR, it will be more difficult. Most jobs cater to Singaporeans and permanent residents. If you apply for a Singapore PR, your chances will be increased.

Thirdly, opt for our resume optimization services at Our resume writing experts will go through your entire resume, edit and optimize it for the best results.

14. Can I get job alerts specifically related to my experiences and needs?

Currently, our job alert system sends you jobs in the job categories you have chosen during your resume submission. We would advise you to login and select those job categories of your skillsets / educational qualifications; as closely as possible to what you want.

Our application filters out the jobs according to the job categories as specifically as possible; though some generalities may be unvoidable due to the nature of some of the job categories.

15. How do I contact you if I have more questions?

If this faq cannot answer your questions, you can fill up the feedback form below and we will answer you shortly.

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