Everybody enjoys the process of decorating their own homes with beautiful and bright lights and decorations during the holiday season. However, you have to keep in mind that your safety should be your main priority in everything you do. Several wires, cords, and lights will be placed all over your house. Though they are pleasing to look at, you should know what you’re risking and perhaps think about a few alternatives. Below are a few hacks to ensure that you are safe during the holiday season. 

Never use old and overdue lights 

Old Christmas lights could have a sentimental value, especially if they are from your grandma. While they seem to be rustic and charming, they are unsafe to use again due to their old age. You could be at risk while using them. Rather than using them, you should think about buying new and long-lasting ones that have updated and cooler LEDs.  

Make sure to keep the cords together and out of your way 

You need to guarantee to place the cords out of the way where people usually walk in. This is important to prevent tripping and ripping out the cords. You can use clips or tape to keep them out of the way and organized. 


Guarantee that your cords are not tucked or pinched under doorjambs or furniture since this could fray the wiring and damage the insulation, making it hazardous.  

Never overload 

You have to make sure that you know the maximum limit of the cords you’ll be plugging. You can do so by checking their load rating. Or else, it will pose a risk of an electrical fire or it could damage your equipment. Your property must have an electrical diagram to aid you in organizing what should be placed into a particular plug.  

Consider the weather 

Rain, snow, wind and some weather condition can possibly snag or make your lighting loose. This could lead to hazardous situations such as a tripping or fire hazard. You should ensure that you use proper clips and secure your lighting. 

There are several means of making sure that your property will be beautiful and safe to live in during the holiday season. To be sure, you can consult an electrical expert. 

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