It could be challenging to make your bathtub spotless. Usually, homeowners fail to use it regularly, particularly if they have a tub or shower setup. However, the issues are sometimes bigger than that. Below are some of the indicators that scream that your bathtub has problems and it needs to be repaired right away: 

Stubborn clogs 

A lot of people shower in the morning to have a great kickoff within the day and to feel good. Meanwhile, some people prefer to shower during nighttime for them to be clean before hitting the sack. Either way, failing to clean your tub could result in stubborn clogging that even a drain snake cannot help you fix it. It could be due to razor covers and toiletries that blocked the drain. If you have observed this in your tub, it’s better to call a professional plumber near you. 

Dirty Stopper 

A dirty stopper is one of the reasons why bathtubs won’t drain. Once you have a stuck stopper, it will restrict the water’s smooth flow. Inspect closely and check if you can detect what is the problem’s source. Usually, it is caused by debris that will not break down, soap scum, or clumps of wet hair.  

No Drainage 

For instance, you have showered this morning and you’ve found out that the water was not flowing down the drain. The usual response we do if we encounter this would be to just ignore it and to resume doing what we’re doing. However, the entire dirt that you’ve washed off of you should go somewhere, which is down the drain of your tub. If you cannot see any drainage, then that’s the time you can tell that there’s something wrong. If you neglect this problem and do not act immediately, it could possibly turn out to be a health hazard for all the people who live with you in your property. 

Deeper issues 

If all of those problems are not apparent, then that possibly implies that they are not the reason why your bathtub acts strange. There could be intensive issues that you cannot fix all by yourself. This is where professional plumbers come in. You should reach a plumber near you that can take action about any plumbing problems you have within your home.  

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